Richard’s Vacuum Services

richards vacuum services

Repairs for All Makes and Models

Vacuums can lose up to 60% of cleaning performance within the first 12 months of usage.  That means that your vacuum could be leaving dirt and allergens behind in your carpets.  To keep your vacuum at it’s peak performance, bring it in for a FREE check-up.  We repair all makes and models and sell parts, filters, bags, and belts for all major brands.

Free Loaner

If your vacuum requires a part that we have to order, we will send you home with a Free Loaner vacuum (residential use only) so you won’t be without a vacuum!  Just request a loaner when you drop yours off for repair.

Belt Change

Broken belt?  We stock a large range of belts and will have almost any belt for the model vacuum that you have.  If we don’t have it, we’ll get it!  Bring your vacuum in and we’ll replace the belt while you wait!

Full Service

Does your vacuum have odor build up?  Bring your vacuum in and we will give it a full service.  We completely disassemble your vacuum and clean and wash it so that your vacuum is factory fresh again!  We will even re-lubricate your bearings.

Central Vacuum System Installation

Planning to build?  Have us install the best Central Vacuum Cleaning System in your new home and never worry about buying a vacuum again!  Our systems have LIFETIME motor warranties and we only use the most quality materials.  Call us for a free quote.

Central Vacuum Repair

Central Vacuum issues?  Call and schedule an appointment with us and we’ll come and diagnose your system and fix the problem so you can clean again.


Traffic patterns in your carpets?  Rent our High Performance Commercial Carpet Extractor.  This system uses a 60 PSI pump to spray soap solution into the depths of your carpet, a heavy duty rotating scrub brush to scrub your carpet and loosen the dirt and grime, and a powerful suction motor to extract all that dirt and grime that you have wanted to get out of your carpet for years.  We even will include a FREE Simplicity Freedom with the rental so you can use the best vacuum to clean your carpets before you use the extractor.

Warranty Service

Tired of having to ship your vacuum off for warranty service?  If you own a vacuum purchased from us, we will take care of warranty work as fast as possible.   You’ll even get a free loaner if the repair requires a part we don’t have in stock.